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Welcome to our seed cleaning facility!

We are a certified seed conditioning facility through the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). We specialize in cleaning a wide range of seeds to pedigree standards, including cereals, oil seeds, and specialty seeds. With state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure the highest quality standards for pedigree seed cleaning.


Custom Cleaning

Our cutting-edge machinery includes wind and screens, indents, gravity table, color sorter, and spirals. These advanced tools enable us to meticulously remove impurities and unwanted elements, ensuring that your seeds meet the highest purity and quality requirements. In addition to cleaning pedigree seeds for planting applications, we also specialize in cleaning seed for feed purposes. Our expertise extends to ensuring that the seeds meet the specific requirements for animal feed production. To ensure the highest level of quality, we employ our advanced color sorter technology. This innovative equipment enables us to effectively identify and remove ergot from the seed lots. By utilizing the color sorting feature, we can meticulously separate any ergot contamination, ensuring a clean and safe feed product. Trust us to provide thorough cleaning and meticulous removal of impurities, so you can confidently deliver high-quality feed to your animals.

Seed Treating

We have partnered with industry leaders to give you choice for excellent seed treatment options.  Our seed treatments include fungicide, insecticide and dual treatment.  Depending on your application requirements, we have three different treater options to choose from and are able to treat a full range of cereals and pulses.  By adding seed treatment to your pedigreed seed, you are investing into the control of seed and soil-borne diseases, plus insects, including wireworms.


Bagging & Packaging

In addition to bulk loads (seed is loaded directly onto a truck for transport), we also offer smaller packaging options for seed shipment. Our mini-bulk bags or totes, are generally filled between 800 and 1200 kg and are placed on a pallet for shipping.  Our small seed bags are filled to 20 or 25 kg and are sewn shut for shipping.

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