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Rick Gainford

Seed Plant Operator

Rick, our Plant Operator who became an invaluable member of the K3 Seeds family in 2023. Growing up on a ranch 16 miles south of Fort Macleod, Rick's affinity for farming and construction has been a lifelong journey. What began as a supposed one-night job on a mobile seed plant evolved into an enriching experience spanning more than 5 years. Regardless of where his path takes him, Rick's heart always gravitates towards the countryside and the world of farming. The allure of rural life, its serenity, beauty, and peaceful landscapes, holds an enduring appeal for him. Depending on the season, Rick's days are a mix of seed plant operations, seed management, equipment maintenance, and various tasks that contribute to the smooth functioning of our operations. His dedication echoes our commitment to excellence throughout the year.


Rick Gainford
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